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Even the best candidate can miss a job opportunity. Why? Bad interviews. Lack of preparation or confidence, stress, poor eye contact, inadequate communication, or low enthusiasm can ruin your candidacy.

We change that.

Our Services Include...

Mock Interview Technology

Mock Interview Technology

Our state-of-the-art technology evaluates 7 factors to give you a unique and detailed score on your mock job interview.

Experienced Coaching

Experienced Coaching

Our experienced interview coach and founder, Craig Rosen, has personally interviewed over 10,000 candidates. His advice is priceless.

Perform Like a Pro

Perform Like a Pro

Your customized mock interview results, along with a coaching session, is the best plan to land your dream job and help you ace your interview!

Here's what's in it for you

What you get right out of the box


Start identifying methods to upgrade your skills with online sessions. Our eye and head-tracking software will score your performance, according to 7 key factors.

Meet a Coach

You are already well skilled, but there is a but? Cherry-pick some personalized tips, advice and interview strategy from a pro. Get an external point of view.

Complete Packages

Get honest feedback on your answers and body language, insights on your scores, personalized training, powerful strategies to keep in your back pocket (and much more).

Craig was great to work with during my job hunt. He even worked with me the day before the interview which was very last minute, but that extra work did give me the extra tools I needed to be confident in the interview. The mock interview was great and he asked a lot of relevant questions giving me tips on answers that could be improved upon.. I did great in my interview and I received my job offer only three days after my interview! I highly recommend his services and will use again in the future.

Rayshaun Hayes

Thanks to Craig at Interview Focus, I was able to build the confidence I needed to land a prestigious political appointment in the federal government. Craig was able to address my shortcomings in a kind and thoughtful way, and he taught me strategies for overcoming my deficits. He really knows the interview business. I highly recommend Craig to anyone who is looking to improve their interviewing skills.

Quinn Carrigan

A great personal experience from interviewfocus - Thank you for outstanding customer service and commitment to helping people improve outcomes with the interview process. Regardless of your position or role you are interviewing for the feedback is very practical and usable. In addition to the results, Craig provided me a differentiated level of coaching which was invaluable and very enlightening. Craig and his organization are personable, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about the subject.

Grant Roscoe

I am a HR Leader who is used to being on the other side of the interviewing table and had a session with Craig who spent quality time with me. He researched the HR Leadership role I was seeking and asked great industry related questions. He also gave me great insights on what I could do stylistically to help make the difference in my potential to land the role. I walked into my interview with more confidence and I got the job. Thank you It was worth the very reasonable investment.

Robert White

I had a great experience using InterviewFocus—my comfort during job interviews improved significantly after using the mock interview technology and the coaching session. Even if you were to only use the mock interview platform, this alone would give you a clear picture of which soft skills you need to work on the most. Using the AI platform before the coaching session makes every minute of the coaching session more valuable, as the coaches will already have a clear idea of who you are and how you interview when they meet you. On top of that, the price point is significantly better than meeting for several sessions with a traditional coach.

Nathan Harris

Join our community of professionals on their mission to improve their skills and land their dream job.


InterviewFocus enables professionals to develop their skillset quickly, helping them hone all the elements they need to succeed. We built our AI powered app to create a comprehensive training system, and help millions of individuals confidently land their dream job.

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